According to PMBOK 5th edition (Project Management Book of Knowledge) a project is divided at 5 process groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitor and Control and Closing) and it involves 10 knowledge areas ( Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communication, Risk, Proqurement ,Stakeholders).

All these processes relate certain Inputs, with Tools and Techniques that will finally provide certain Outputs. To make it even more complicated these processes has no distinct start and finish and they also interact with each other during the project life cycle.

The data that are created need a software tool that would facilitate the planning, scheduling, optimizing, tracking and analyzing of the project.   

Ms Project 2013 is an easy to use scheduling tool that will not only help you to do the scheduling. It will do much more than that. MS Project has many features that enable you to optimize, track and analyze your project. It will also provide with tools to forecast your schedule and finally communicate the project data to project stakeholders.

The Workshop 1 refers to an Office Relocation. 

You were appointed as the Project Manager for your company offices. You need to find a new location area and organize the relocation. The CEO has already signed the SOW. 

 The Workshop target is to provide Hands-On experience so that the student can use the Tool at his work.